About Us

Opened in 1999, Hemlock Vintage is an online vintage clothing boutique offering a curated high-quality selection of vintage clothing and accessories. Every piece on the site is hand-selected based on condition, quality and style. I give a detailed condition report so that you know exactly what you are receiving. I inspect every piece of clothing inside and out, and clean and repair the clothing when possible.

“Everything that I have received from you always exceeds my expectations. Your pictures and descriptions are the most well represented on the web as I have been to every vintage house possible, but the clothes are always true to description but so much more beautiful than I am expecting.”
New Zealand

I have been collecting vintage clothing since I was a kid, my dad taking me to thrift stores and estate sales, helping foster a sense of design and style. I started Hemlock Vintage at the tail end of college, an architecture major minoring in history. Preparing to move to Minneapolis after graduation, I had to downsize, which included selling my vintage clothing. I taught myself web design on the side and, long story short, after a couple months I built a vintage clothing web shop and it took off, making Hemlock one of the first vintage shops on the internet.

I am currently listing all of my inventory online, including inventory I usually sell at vintage fairs. Please check out my other site that I have set up for my fair inventory:


Drop me a line if you are looking for anything specific and feel free to make offers.

Thank you for visiting,


attempting to model a dress in 2007. 1950s Bergdorf Goodman Chantilly lace dress