about us

Opened in 1999, Hemlock Vintage is an online vintage clothing boutique offering a curated and high-quality inventory of clothing. I have been collecting vintage clothing since I was a kid – my dad regularly let me run loose in thrift stores, helping to develop my sense of style.

Selling vintage clothing was somewhat of an accident. While I do have a degree in history, I was studying web design in 1999. I originally designed and built the shop as a web design project, selling my own vintage collection and, to my surprise, the clothes started selling. Within a short period of time, my shop was being written up in magazines and my customer base rapidly expanded. Over the years, I have taken breaks from selling vintage, more and more over the past couple years, but I have 17 years of accumulated inventory along with new incoming inventory that I will be listing on the website.

While the shop focuses on older and rarer clothing, there is a Backroom section, still curated, but offering more affordable vintage clothing ranging from current vintage fashion trends to pieces that are for study. For fun, we are now offering some vintage home goods and smalls. Please feel free to make offers, especially long time customers.

Everything on the site is handpicked and priced based on quality and style. We inspect every piece of clothing up and down, inside and out, clean and refurbish what can be cleaned and refurbished, and list any flaws. One of our favorite customers said it best, “Everything that I have received from you always exceeds my expectations. Your pictures and descriptions are the most well represented on the web as I have been to every vintage house possible, but the clothes are always true to description but so much more beautiful than I am expecting.”

And if you are having any trouble ordering online, please drop us a line and we will process your order the old-fashioned way.

Thank you for visiting,