1920s Adoria Loeser’s bias cut sheer floral silk chiffon dress


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High style and quality 1920’s Adoria Loeser’s bias cut sheer floral silk chiffon dress. This dress is one of the most beautiful 1920’s floral chiffon dresses I have seen. The bias draping is well done with dramatic dips in the hem on each side. The ruffles and back cape hang beautifully. The French braided straps are a simple, yet elegant detail. The dress consists of the bright coral silk under-dress, a cream chiffon insert at the top and the floral chiffon overlay. Then there is a back cape with a scalloped hem. Next there is the ruched trim running around the front and sides and a scalloped uneven hemline around the hem of the skirt. In back, there is another panel that falls over the skirt with the exaggerated dips in the hem.

Condition: Excellent. Well cared for and preserved. No noticeable flaws, fabric is bright and crisp, a beautiful and wearable antique dress. On close inspection, a tiny hole was found where there are a couple small snags on the left bottom flounce, not noticeable at all. The back skirt panel has been taken up around 1 1/2″ at the middle back making a seam there (can be let out). The hem of the silk under-dress has been purposefully let out (you can see it peeking out in the pictures). The previous owner wanted the slip to peek through at the bottom, the edge is finished, but can be easily re-hemmed if preferred. Slight discoloration to the inside cream chiffon under the arms, not visible on the outside fabric. A couple small brown dots inside that are not visible, two faint dots found on the bodice that are not noticeable due to the busy fabric. A couple small pulls in the chiffon fabric, nothing noticeable.

Bust: 38″
Waist: 38″
Hips: 42″
Width Between Shoulder Seams: —
Length: 42″-57″
Skirt Length: 17″


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